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Welcome!Shaman, Psychic Medium, Spiritual & Energy healer PaLiChi offers various healing modalities to any persons from all walks of life. She provides quality transformational healing for you to see with your mind, feel with your body, and know with your soul.
Gain your true healing today!

FaLiThi Healing LLC
Master Shaman & Psychic Medium PaLiChi
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General Policies

1. Be respectful and considerate of the sacred space that you are entering and session that awaits you.

2. Refer to the Three-Step Guideline to experience the best psychic reading and healing.

3. White carnations/flowers, white candles, joss paper, and incense sticks are always welcomed as never the less you are blessed by


4. Be considerate of the healing session before or after yours and keep voices to a minimum.

5. Whether in person or by a means of communication, wait patiently and the Healer will come to get or call you to begin your session.

6. Silence your cell phones and pagers during healing session.

7. During a FaLiThi Chi exercise class you may choose to sit and continue when ready.

8. FaLiThi Healing LLC will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

9. All sessions are 24 hr. cancellation notice. If missed you may reschedule. If you have not paid for your session and there is a no show you will be charged half of the next session via payment through PayPal before we can start your next session. One way to avoid this is to prepay for your session via PayPal and if you miss or do not show up then your payment can be credited to the next session.

10. Refer to our Client Bill of Rights and Disclaimer/Waiver of Liability Agreement form for any questions.

11. Services and monetary sacrifices/prices/rates are subject to change without notice.

12. We are sorry there are no refunds on any services or products purchased after there has been a booking or sales transaction. No exceptions.

13. All fees charged are based on the value of our services and not the end result.

14. We cannot put a 100% guarantee on the results of our products and services. Results of products and services will vary with

situation and per individual basis.

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